Display Ads appear in the Arabic Business Directory classified section. Display advertising ranges in size from 1/4th of a page to full-page ad sizes.

Display Ads may contain cuts, photos, logos, and borders. They may have unique designs and layouts printed on Yellow page background with black text:


Back Cover 4 Quarters*

$2,500.00 Each

Inside Front Cover

$3,000.00 Sold

Inside Back Cover

$2,900.00 Sold

Page 3 Front & Back


Insert Page


Insert 1/2 page


Insert 1/4 page


*Free Full-page ad in the yellow section included



Full page


1/2 page


1/4 page


1/8 page


Listing Only




Online ABD YellowPages

Listing $120 yearly

Home Slides $ 80 Monthly

Local Deal  $ 100

Local Evants $100

AD DESIGN   $ 100

Call for more information


*50% deposit with application *50% due upon final approval of the ad *Full payment for the listing with the application.

Free matching ad in the yellow section for each color ad, if paid in full (no discount).


The publisher or the advertiser may cancel an ad any time up to the closing date. No refunds will be issued after that date.


Closing Date: Dec 30, 2017
Distribution Date: March 2018

*If the final payment is not received with the final ad approval and before the closing date, the publisher reserves the right to cancel the ad and return the initial deposit.


If the ad you would like to place in our Directory is already designed. You may attach a copy of the camera-ready ad to the application. If you would like us to design your ad, please check the appropriate box on the application; please attach the wordings, pictures, and logos if applicable. You will have the opportunity to review the final ad before the publication of The Directory. The publisher reserves the right to edit the advertisement pursuant to space constraints.