About Arabic Business Directory (ABD)

Arabic Business Directory is a print and online media advertising based in Vienna, Virginia - USA.

“Arabic Business Directory” provides direct, targeted access to the considerable buying power of the Continental Arab community residing in the USA. “Arabic Business Directory” is the most referenced source for Arab Businesses; the fast-growing Continental Arab population constitutes a transnational community. They have become contributing stakeholders in their different American societies, reproducing cultures, achieving competitively in the US, and providing economic support to families in regions of origin. Arab-born residents of the United States are sharing their prosperity here by helping their families and friends back home. Continental Arabs are by far the most educated minority in the US. Arabic business Directory is the oldest and more effective resource for the Washington DC metro and the continental USA remains the only foundation of all Arabic products, and professionals. Since the Arabic Business Directory has been launched in 1988 for the DC Metropolitan area, “Arabic Business Directory” is the premier marketing publication that targets the large Continental Arabic Community in the Washington Metropolitan area. “Arabic Business Directory” is the only reference point used by Arab Embassies, Government organization, local businesses, and mostly by Arab consumers in the US.

Value of Arabic Business Directory

Arabic Business Directory provides direct targeted access to the considerable buying power of the large Arab-American community residing in the USA and Washington Metropolitan Area and a valuable resource for the new arrivals. The Arabic Business Directory is an effective marketing tool that helps your business reach the Arab-American Community, acquire a new client and expand your business contacts.


Distribution of Arabic Business Directory

Your business will benefit greatly from the distribution of our directory to hundreds of locations across the USA, including Embassies, Businesses, Universities, Schools, Diplomatic Missions, Hotels, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Mosques, Churches, and many other businesses that are exposed to the Arab-American Community.